Stationery is Magical 🖋✨

Stationery is Magical 🖋✨

Hello fellow lovely stationery and plant lovers! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 🌱 

My name is Claire, I’m a Los Angeles native creative who is particularly passionate about art, food, webcomics, manga, greenery, and stationery! I’m a freelance illustrator and part of the team here at Paper Plant Co.

My introduction to the world of stationery began in elementary school with scented putty erasers and stackable lead pencils from the Sanrio store. (The early 2000’s were a precious time indeed~) There was always something special about having cute characters on my pens, pencils, and notebooks. I was not a fan of school, but having Keroppi or Pompompurin with me felt like I could conquer the world. And truly, ever since then, I’ve been drawn to stationery as a full-time hobby.


(Just a snippet into my hobonichi techo weeks, dot grid md notebook, sketchbook, and other stationery goodies; also, strawberry is indeed my favorite fruit hehe~🍓)

There is something about using pen and paper to create that feels almost magical. As an artist, I feel similarly when I bring an illustration into the world with similar tools. Creating something from nothing with ink, paper, and imagination. Although I usually use my iPad now to illustrate, I always find myself every so often drawn to my sketchbook and 0.38 Muji pen (my absolute ride-or-die pen). Stationery helped me be creative, exploring parts of my imagination in my youth that have followed me into adulthood. I feed my inner-child by staying connected to the stationery world. My tools help me be creative, stay inspired, and allow me to pour my heart through words or illustrations. Being surrounded by colorful and cute pens, washi tape, and stickies unlock so much joy and appreciation for the small things in life. Stationery is magical, and inspires creative minds and thinkers everywhere. 

My wish for you, reader, is to also find yourself being a part of this wonderful stationery community. Creativity is an essential part of life and I hope you also find a little magic in creating, whether it's writing inside a greeting card, journaling, or drawing.


A peak into what I usually draw nowadays!
My art account is @umeclaire on Instagram!(*´▽`*)

Thank you so much for reading! I hope to see you one day in our adorable stationery shop in beautiful Chinatown.

With love,

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