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0.5mm Opal Green | Uni Alpha Gel Switch Mechanical Pencil

0.5mm Opal Green | Uni Alpha Gel Switch Mechanical Pencil

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The versatile uni Alpha Gel Switch mechanical pencil is designed for convenience. It combines our ultra-soft Alpha Gel grip with two writing modes: Kuru Toga mode, which features our innovative lead rotation mechanism, and Hold mode. To switch between the modes, simply twist the pencil clip.  Aligning the clip with the window on the side of the pencil sets it to Hold mode, while turning the clip to the side activates the rotation mechanism. 

When writing in Kuru Toga mode, the pencil's inner mechanism keeps your writing neat by incrementally twisting the lead every time you lift the tip from the paper. This prevents the lead from wearing unevenly and creating an inconsistent line. Hold mode keeps the lead still for a more stable feel—especially handy fast writing and note taking. 

  • 0.5mm Diamond Infused Lead
  • Includes Kuru Toga and Hold modes for versatility of writing
  • Gel grip for a uniquely comfortable wiring experience
  • Matte barrel finish
  • Eraser included in top cap
  • Made in Japan
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