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2023 Sora Daily Moon Calendar

2023 Sora Daily Moon Calendar

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The night sky is filled with beauty, discovery, and wonder that we can observe every single day. This calendar, created by Koyomi Seikatsu, allows you to travel through the atmosphere each day with dreamy depictions of the phases of the moon. 

For lovers of the moon and the cosmos, follow this daily tear-off calendar to find beautiful illustrations and "Quotations about the sky". On each page you will also find a QR code to the "Sora no Himekuri Web Column" where you can read about the constellations and other wonders of the universe. This calendar comes in a unique, presentable box; perfect gift for those with an interest in astronomy. 

  • Calendar Size: 7.4" x 4.75" x 0.8" in 
  • Designed by Koyomi Seikatsu
  • Made in Japan
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