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2024 Hobonichi Techo Day-Free Book A6 size [Monthly/Jan start/Mon start]

2024 Hobonichi Techo Day-Free Book A6 size [Monthly/Jan start/Mon start]

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This is a pre-order item! We are expecting to fulfill orders late January. You will receive a notification when your order has shipped or is ready for pick-up. Thank you! 

The Day-Free Original Size is an A6 size monthly techo that is split into two main parts: monthly calendars and a graph-paper notebook. The book fits nicely into covers designed for the standard Hobonichi Techo Original.

Because the book is half the size of the full-year Original, it’s also light and portable.

The monthly calendar is the same calendar you’ll find in the standard Original book, designed with graph paper to make it easy to use. The 2024 edition will contain entries for December 2023 through March 2025.

The blank graph paper notebook contains a total of 171 pages and is comprised of 3.7 mm squares. Each page is numbered.

You can fill in as much as you want at a time without feeling constricted to dates. Keep a journal, draw a picture or graph, paste in ticket stubs, scribble on the pages, and fill the pages with capricious whims or meticulous plans — it’s all up to you.

The Day-Free blank notebook section includes the Hobonichi Techo’s characteristic daily quotes in Japanese.

The book has the same thread-stitch binding as a dictionary, allowing it to lay flat open for comfortable writing. It stays flat even if you don’t hold it down.

The book uses thin and light yet durable Tomoe River S paper. The paper has supported the Hobonichi Techo for over 20 years with its special characteristics, but it’ll be undergoing an overhaul starting with the 2024 edition techos. The paper is more resistant to bleed through, lighter despite being the same thickness, and has a smoother surface by adjusting the fibers of the paper.

Other than the monthly calendars and the notebook section, the book contains several sections that are great for schedule management, such as a yearly calendar and a yearly index page. The back of the book has bonus pages, including An Interview with Myself, Seasonal Sweets to Make at Home, and Caring for Your Eyes.

The Hobonichi Techo is used by pairing a techo book with a cover. Pick out a cover of your choice from our large selection of convenient size Hobonichi Techo covers.

    • Hobonichi Techo 2024 Day Free Book [A6 size/Monthly/Jan start/Mon start]
    • Size: 148 x 105 x 14 (mm)
    • Material: Paper
    • Weight: 195g
    • COO: Japan
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