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Apple Orchard / Necktie Clear Tape · Cozyca

Apple Orchard / Necktie Clear Tape · Cozyca

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Transparent apple orchard masking tape by illustrator Necktie. The girl looks happy as she looks at the apples she has harvested. It has a cute design that makes you want to paste it on various places.

You can cut it short and use it like a sticker, or as an accent for wrapping or decorations.The pattern is printed on transparent cellophane, and you can tear it off by hand. It's cute not only on notebooks and letters, but also on transparent objects such as bottles and jars.

Cozyca products is part of Japanese stationery company, Hyogensha. They aim to be "A bridge that connects the artist's work with everyday life." Cozyca collaborates with various Japanese artists to create unique and beautiful stationery.

  • Width 20mm x 8m
  • Designed by Necktie
  • Brand: cozyca products
  • Made in Japan
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