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Asagopan / Pan Town Flake Stickers · Furukawashiko

Asagopan / Pan Town Flake Stickers · Furukawashiko

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The 'Freshly Baked Pan Town'  series is a town filled with wonderful bakeries! Find delicious-looking bread and their shopkeepers in these adorable stickers.

The perfect size to fill in a little empty space in your notebook or notebook. Just paste it on and color your days colorfully! There are patterns with a sense of life that makes you want to put them on your diary. The slit on the back makes it easy to flip over and use without stress. Please enjoy sticking them to various places!

These die-cut stickers have a back slit (also known as crack and peel stickers) are very easy to position and apply.

  • Sticker: 20pcs (5 patterns , 4 stickers of each pattern, each pattern is within 30 x 30 mm)
  • Poly bag measure: 75x80mm (2.95x3.15in)
  • Made in Japan
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