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Mind Wave

Coffee Beans 7mm Clear Tape · Mind Wave

Coffee Beans 7mm Clear Tape · Mind Wave

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7mm width adorable coffee beans! 

It can be used in a variety of notebook decoration situations, such as monthly and vertical notebooks, accents in collages, and small gaps in decorations.

The surface of the tape is finished with a matte finish that blends well with paper.
Since it is a transparent material, it is also recommended to apply it over paper material or stickers.

Since it is made of PET material, it is water resistant and has excellent durability, and can be used for wrapping and decorating small items.

There are countless ways to utilize tape! Enhance your diary or planner, craft beautiful artwork, or simply adorn a card or gift wrap for a special someone.

  • 7mm width x 5m length
  • Transparent matte PET/gold details
  • Made in Japan
  • Designed by Mind Wave

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