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Forest / Necktie Memo Pad · Cozyca

Forest / Necktie Memo Pad · Cozyca

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A large house in the forest, a log house where a lumberjack lives, and a cabin perfect for spending time alone. This is a block memo that depicts various houses and huts. There is also a ``pizza pot'' in the garden of the woodcutter's hut where he is chopping wood.

A piece of paper that reminds you of the excitement you feel when writing a letter. Perfect for writing small letters or thank you notes.

Cozyca products is part of Japanese stationery company, Hyogensha. They aim to be "A bridge that connects the artist's work with everyday life." Cozyca collaborates with various Japanese artists to create unique and beautiful stationery.

  • 4 patterns, 30 sheets each, 120 sheets
  • Size: 100 × 90 mm PET resin cover
  • Designed by Necktie
  • Brand: cozyca products
  • Made in Japan
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