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GugimFolio Notebook - Blue/Purple

GugimFolio Notebook - Blue/Purple

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GugimFolio is a Hanji notebook organizer made with wrinkled paper called Gugim Hanji produced by artisans in Jeonju, located in western South Korea.

Gugim is a Korean traditional technique of crumpling paper by hand using two layers of damp Hanji, developed to make paper much stronger and more flexible than ordinary Hanji, creating a unique texture and depth of the paper.

  • Each cover is artfully hand-crafted and hand-painted. 
  • Hand-painted & bound
  • Water & UV resistant
  • Non-toxic Insert Premium Korean plain/blank paper
  • 105gsm - A5 / 6" x 8.6", A6 4-1/8 x 5-7/8
  • 128 pages
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