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Hobonichi Clear Cover for Weeks - Yuka Hiiragi: Light in the Distance

Hobonichi Clear Cover for Weeks - Yuka Hiiragi: Light in the Distance

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This is the decorated version of the Clear Cover, an optional, extra covering that goes directly over your Hobonichi Techo Weeks book to protect it from wear and tear over the course of the year while instantly giving solid-color covers a fresh new look.. 

Light in the Distance was designed by Yuka Hiiragi, whose wide range of work involves illustrations and writing, and isn’t confined within a specific genre.

The theme of this design is seasonal constellations. Illustrated in gentle, calm colors are various constellations, including Lepus (the hare) in the winter, Ursa Minor (the bear cub, also known as the Little Dipper) in the spring, Cygnus (the swan) in the summer, and Pegasus in the fall. Having a theme with the moon, stars, and sun printed in elegantly shiny copper ink gives this design a nice, mature feel.

About Yuki Hiiragi:
Illustrator and poet. Works under the motto, “Give shape to the invisible and share it with others” when it comes to her art and writing. Released a collection of works entitled Flowers and Words in 2020. Has held exhibitions in Japan and overseas, and worked on projects such as book design for Maiko Seo’s short story collection Gentle Music, visuals for events, illustrations for miscellaneous paper goods, and more.

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