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Kakuno Fountain Pen White Barrel Pink Cap - F

Kakuno Fountain Pen White Barrel Pink Cap - F

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The Kakuno fountain pen is a delightful writing instrument suitable for both beginners and experienced writers. Its name, derived from the Japanese word for "to write," reflects its purpose perfectly. The pen's steel nib features an endearing smiley face, serving as a helpful guide for achieving the correct nib orientation.

Crafted from clear resin, the Kakuno has a hexagonal shape reminiscent of a classic wooden pencil, ensuring a comfortable grip and preventing accidental rolling. The cap is designed with indentations for easy gripping when uncapping the pen. With an included black Pilot ink cartridge, users can start writing right away, although the pen also accepts the Pilot CON-40 or CON-70 converter (sold separately).

Whether you're a novice looking to embark on a fountain pen journey or a seasoned user seeking a fun and exuberant writing experience, the Kakuno fountain pen is sure to bring joy to all who use it.
  • Indentations in the cap that make it easy to grasp when uncapping the pen.
  • Hexagonal cap and body design that keeps them from rolling away.
  • Triangular grip shape that helps fingers naturally sit in the correct position.
  • 85% recycled plastic body.
  • Made in Japan
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