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Kinari Sticky Notes · Circle "10" / Classiky x Drop Around

Kinari Sticky Notes · Circle "10" / Classiky x Drop Around

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    Cute little sticky notes that you can use to bookmark your journal. These sticky notes were created to add a touch of fun and functionality to items we frequently use during our travels or in our daily lives.

    Enjoyable sticky notes in new shapes and colours. Circular, square, slender rectangles, semicircles, and hexagons - geometric post-it notes that create interesting visual balance when stuck. Suitable for various purposes such as creating patterns, labelling gifts, adding decorations, marking important points, or simply as your everyday memo notes. Popular not just for practical use but also as materials for collages. 

    Each colour is named after traditional Japanese items or plants. Combine these unique shapes and colours to create your own vanguard style.

    "10" is a gentle cream-coloured large round sticky note. It can be used as a substitute for a short message or stuck on items and documents. It might also double as a coaster on your table.

    • 50 total sheets
    • Sticky notes measure 7.9cm (3.11")
    • Package measures 3.5 x 5"
    • Made in Japan
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