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Laurent Garigue: Twinkle Tweed / A6 Original Cover for Hobonichi Techo

Laurent Garigue: Twinkle Tweed / A6 Original Cover for Hobonichi Techo

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This is a techo cover made from the gorgeous tweed fabric from Laurent Garigue, a world-class tweed manufacturer based in London.

The base is a shimmering green glitter thread, which befits the name “Twinkle,” and is tightly woven with threads in nuanced colors of pink, blue, lavender, and other colors. This textile has a three-dimensional feel, and the threads are not only in different colors but also in different thicknesses. It looks like a field of flowers or city lights, which you will never grow tired of looking at.

The inner cover and the “butterfly-stopper” pen holders are made of leather for long-lasting use. The smoky green leather will soothe your mind whenever you open your techo.

The bookmark has a dull green and pink grosgrain ribbon. The logo is foil-pressed on the inner pocket in gold.

This tweed techo cover using colorful threads luxuriously shows a variety of expressions. It would make your techo even more essential.

We have a techo cover and a bag designed with the Twinkle Tweed textile.

About Laurent Garigue

Laurent Garigue was founded in 1947. It’s currently based in London, produces its fabrics in Yorkshire, and finishes them in Scotland. Once used by a Parisian haute couture brand, it has since also become popular with the royal family, other haute couture brands, and pret-a-porter fashion lines, making it in high demand. Every year there are new designs, vibrantly colored and intricately designed with a strong focus on beauty and sustainability, with some featured in movie scenes.

The “butterfly-stopper” pen holders act as a hinge, keeping the cover safely shut while you store a pen inside.

The Hobonichi Techo is used by pairing a techo book with a cover.  Please note this purchase is for the cover onlyPick out a Hobonichi Techo Book here!

  • Fits the A6 Original Hobonichi Techo
  • Material: Exterior: Viscose, Nylon, Polyester; Interior: Cow leather
  • Size: 165 x 244 x 3mm
  • COO: Vietnam (Fabric: UK)
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