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Marking Pencil SINGLE - Vermillion & Prussian Blue

Marking Pencil SINGLE - Vermillion & Prussian Blue

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Kita-Boshi HB Pencils is a great gift for students, teachers, and writers. The pencils are also suitable for mathematicians, accountants, and alike. In this Kitaboshi, you'll find the perfect balance of deep pigments on the one side and the ability to retain a point on the other, which makes it a must-have pencil for anyone aspiring to be an artist. There is no eraser on the top of this pencil; the red end is for xerography corrections, and the blue end is for corrections in written copies. Lithography and photography do not use blue ink; it is used by editors to communicate with printers.

  • Kitaboshi 9667
  • Single pencil
  • Made in Japan


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