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MD Diary Sticker - 2024

MD Diary Sticker - 2024

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Undated calendar stickers to add and arrange onto your favorite planner, notebook, and more! MD Paper is wonderful, sturdy paper that prevents smearing and bleed-through and enables comfortable writing. 

MD Diary Sticker contains 16 sheets total: 14 month-long calendars (from Dec. 2023 to Jan. 2025) and two year-long calendars (2024, 2025).

For example, you can attach a month-long calendar sticker to the left page of your MD Notebook, then use the right page to keep a daily journal and repeat for the rest of the months.

This way, you can easily look back on everything you did and how you felt about it for every month.

  • 16 cream stickers (The classic MD Notebook color!)
  • Bleed-resistant and feather-resistant
  • Great for fountain pens
  • 5.4" x 3.7"
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