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Mechanical Pencil 038W - 0.5mm

Mechanical Pencil 038W - 0.5mm

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With the concept of “a mechanical pencil used in the same way as a fountain pen”, Pentel gave way to the mechanical pencil 038W in 1971.

The metal components used for the pencil create a comfortable weight balance. The longer tip similar to that of a drafting mechanical pencil provides high visibility and contributes to its exceptional performance. The fountain pen-design cap protects the delicate tip, and the overall size has been reduced to make it easier to carry around. The cap can be attached to the back when writing. The sensation of the metal parts smoothly attaching with a comfortable “click” is also a sign of this pencil’s high quality. The cap section comes in mat-silver and the body is given a glossy white shade. A delicately designed “Sanada-Himo” pattern is applied on the central brass section, which gives a sense of firmness when held in the hand. It has an elegantly modern presence that becomes part of the user’s everyday life.

  • Lead size: 0.5mm
  • Material: plastic, metal
  • Made in Japan
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