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OHTO Mini Wooden Mechanical Pencil - Blue

OHTO Mini Wooden Mechanical Pencil - Blue

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Ohto 0.5 Mini Mechanical Pencil in Yellow
  • Approximately 4" length
  • Wooden mechanical pencil
  • 0.5 mm lead
  • Available in Blue, Green & Yellow wood barrels

For those who crave a classic look but need the convenience of a modern mechanical pencil, Ohto's wooden mechanical pencil is the perfect fix. It resembles a traditional wooden pencil, with a genuine wooden outer body and topped with a pink rubber eraser. The body is even coated in a classic, subdued color. On the other hand, the operation is mechanical, and lead is dispensed by clicking the eraser. The compact, slim profile of this mini version is perfect for stashing your pencil in your pocket, planner, or wallet. This is a fun modern classic that you can enjoy everyday!

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