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Mossery Threadbound Notebook - Black Plaid

Mossery Threadbound Notebook - Black Plaid

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Mossery designs thoughtful stationery meant to spark creativity, providing you with the tools to inspire, create, and motivate. These thread-bound dotted notebooks offer flexibility, with its ability to lay your book completely flat and seamless design to make it easier to write. You will find Mossery notebooks with a high paper quality and is suitable for brush, gel, fountain, ball point, and micron pens!

Other features about Mossery Notebooks:

  • Front pocket, back pocket, and ribbon bookmark
  • 96 sheets/ 92 Pages
  • 200 mm H × 136 mm W
    7.87" H × 5.35" W
  • 100gsm
  • Notebook refills are available for both dotted notebooks and undated planners!
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