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Onyx Coffee Lab

Onyx Coffee Lab - Genmaicha Tea Blend

Onyx Coffee Lab - Genmaicha Tea Blend

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This tea is a simple combination of Sencha tea grown in Kyoto, Japan and toasted brown rice. The humble origins of this tea blend comes from post WWII Japan where toasted rice was added to “stretch” a tea during uncertain and difficult times. Over time, it has grown into a popular staple in the tea world served both hot and chilled. Its distinct mildness with nutty and toasted character is refreshing and balanced.

  • Origin: Kyoto, Japan
  • Process: Steamed (sencha), Roasted & popped (brown rice)
  • Elevation: 550 Meters
  • Notes: Toasted nut, steamed rice, umami
  • Packaged in 3" x 2.5" x 5" Box
  • 30 G, 10 Sachets
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