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Reading Memo - Laconic Stye Bookmarker

Reading Memo - Laconic Stye Bookmarker

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A new style memo series that can be used like a bookmark.
The notched index can be used as a mark, and it can be easily moved to another notebook, notebook, book, etc., so that information can be taken over without leaking.
In addition, by rearranging and combining notes after use, hints for new ideas are born, and it is an item with a new sense that can be used in an unprecedented way.

A horizontal writing type reading memo that is useful for organizing knowledge and information gained from reading, such as writing down the main points and writing down your impressions.
There is also a space for writing the book name and page number, so you can smoothly access the page you want to look back.

  • Size when used: W50 x H157mm
  • 24 sheets per set
  • Made in Japan
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