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Sakae Iroful A5 Notebook - Dot Grid / White

Sakae Iroful A5 Notebook - Dot Grid / White

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This is a soft cover notebook that shows the talent of color, and the color develops beautifully whether you write or draw. With a "moist" feel, you can express the colors and shades of ink clearly and vividly.

This notebook features paper with a 5mm dot grid that uses a new sub-dot grid that reduces ink loss. The new sub dot grid refers to dots and lines composed of aggregates of sub dots that are invisible in size, and by creating spaces within the printed dots, the paper absorbs ink during writing.

The thickness is 75gsm, and one of the features is that there is little see-through and show-through. Almost no show-through or show-through even with alcohol markers or oil-based pens.

Sakae Technical Paper that renowned for its exquisite quality papers - very smooth, and lightweight yet highly resistant to bleed through and feathering. Perfect for fountain pen use!

  • A5 size notebook
  • 96 Pages or 160 Pages
  • 5mm dot pages
  • 75 GSM
  • Ivory/Soft White
  • Made in Japan
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