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Spring · OIMU Embroidered Weaving Bookmark

Spring · OIMU Embroidered Weaving Bookmark

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This woven bookmark is great for dividing pages while enjoying the benefits of the season. OIMU selected pieces from each season depicted on the book's table of contents page and delicately woven them with colored thread, finishing them in the shape of a cone.

You can use it by sticking it in the corner of a book. Can be used on a variety of books!

OIMU is a design studio established in 2015, based in Seoul. They believe that design takes on the role of a bridge that connects the value of the past with present. The OIMU projects reinterpret the forgotten cultural value.

  • Size: ~ W50mm x L 50mm
  • Material: Nylon 100%
  • Made in Korea
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