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Think - Laconic Stye Notebook A5

Think - Laconic Stye Notebook A5

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This slim notebook is perfect for all your ideas. It features a collection of four thinking tools that help you organize your thoughts. The Mandala chart 9x9 square that achieves goals using 9x9=81, coordinate axes that help organize and analyze the relationships of various things, concentric circles that spread outward from the center of the circle, time, distance, A "concentric chart" that captures changes in generations. A 4-panel comic for storyboards, drafting presentation sheets and page composition.

  • Mandala chart pages 4-19
  • Coordinate axis pages 20-35
  • Concentric circle chart pages 36-51
  • 4 frame comic panel pages 52-63
  • 84.6gsm 
  • Ivory sheet color
  • A5 size



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