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Variegated Five Leaf Aralia 6"

Variegated Five Leaf Aralia 6"

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The pure, clear, creamy white variegation of variegated five-leaf aralia makes it sparkle in the garden. Its leaves are divided into five leaflets, attached like fingers in a hand and creating a fine-textured, airy effect. This deciduous shrub is extremely tough and hardy. It tolerates a wide range of growing conditions, including difficult city conditions, such as poor soils and heavy pollution. Adaptable in growing habit as well cultural requirements, it can be sheared to make a colorful hedge. Short spines at each leaf bud along the stems add to the barrier protection of the hedge, but they are not large enough to be problematic during routine maintenance. Left to grow freely it forms a shrub to about 6 or 7 feet tall and about equal in spread.


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