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Yamakano Washi Paper Collection

Yamakano Washi Paper Collection

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Paper is a large part of Japanese culture and a central part of life because of its many uses and ties to its culture. Washi paper simply means traditional Japanese paper, wa (和) meaning Japanese and shi (紙) meaning paper. Washi has unique features, namely its matte texture, strength and flexibility. This Yamakano washi paper collection features four styles of washi:

  1. “Kinari” Notes For Fountain Pen Water Based Applications
  2. “First Snow” Practice Calligraphy
  3. "Ginkgo Nut” Practice Calligraphy - Can Also Be Used As A Tissue (Untreated Linen Fibre)
  4. “Fuji River” Letters & Sketches Calligraphy (Linen Based Thick Texture)

Features about this product:

  • 100 Sheets of each style
  • 4.5" x 3.25”


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