Collection: Kakimori

Kakimori is more than just a Japanese stationery shop; it's a celebration of the joy of writing and self-expression. At Kakimori, they believe that writing is a powerful means to convey thoughts and emotions, enhancing human connections. They are inspired by the idea of sharing this happiness with as many people as possible.

Located in Tokyo's old shitamachi neighborhood, they thrive in a community that values personal ties and the act of sharing. Kakimori's dedication to craftsmanship and sustainability is reflected in their range of stationery, from custom notebooks to hand-mixed inks. They strive to foster a love for writing and promote long-lasting ownership of their everyday tools.

With a strong commitment to environmental responsibility and the AWGS principles (air, water, green, and soil), Kakimori is on a mission to infuse daily life and the world with the joy of creation, one small, meaningful step at a time. Read more about Kakimori's story here.