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Kakimori Hasami Pen Rest · Karayaki

Kakimori Hasami Pen Rest · Karayaki

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Hasami ware pen rests are inspired by the natural form of droplets. Four distinctive colours have been specially selected from an extensive variety of glazes. The soft contours gently guide and hold your pen in place.

The soft, organic form looks as though a drop of ink has solidified. Designed to keep your pen safely in place and your desk spotless. An essential companion for dip pens and glass pens.

The natural colour of Hasami porcelain clay. The soft matte white partners beautifully with pens of any material. The moulded pen rests are fired without glazing, allowing the smooth, silky texture of raw porcelain to be enjoyed. The clay’s natural composition gives unique surface variations to each piece.


    • Pen rest, fits 1 pen
    • W50 x D27 x H12mm
    • Material: Porcelain
    • Made in Japan
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