About Paper Plant Co.

Paper Plant Co is for those who love paper and all things stationery. We aim to create an idyllic analog world! Stationery is the basis for all things creative. They are tactile tools that allow an individual to experience a moment in time. It is a feeling of pure joy that helps you create a drawing or share a moment with someone through a card or letter.
Our shop is a communal space to create more analog opportunities and less screen time. A place to spark creativity while supporting one’s community, one another, artists and brands from all over the world! Oh, and we also share the space with the wonderful Thank You Coffee. Visit our shop in beautiful Historic Chinatown.

Meet the Paper Plant Co Team!

Friedia Niimura
Shop Owner

Hello! This is Friedia, the owner of Paper Plant Co. As a Japanese Brazilian, my heart carries the essence of two unique cultures. My teenage years were spent in the bustling city of Tokyo, that is where my passion for creativity bloomed. I couldn't resist collecting all sorts of cute stationery items to adorn my desk.

When I moved to Los Angeles, I quickly noticed I could not find those similar stores that satisfied my stationery cravings. The dream of owning my own stationery shop had always lingered in the back of my mind, but it wasn't until after I became a mom that I finally took the plunge.

I started small, creating greeting cards and showcasing them at local shops, craft fairs, and markets. In early 2020, I finally made the bold move to open my own shop. Little did I know that the pandemic would hit us hard, but we've persevered and are still here, determined as ever.

In 2022, our shop underwent a delightful transformation and emerged as Paper Plant Co, nestled cozily alongside Thank You Coffee in the vibrant Chinatown of Los Angeles.

Our goal is simple: to bring you the special stationery tools that once inspired me during my time in Tokyo. We want to offer you pens and paper that make you want to write more, notebooks that beckon you to open them and draw, and all the items that keep the flames of creativity burning bright.

I'm incredibly grateful to all the amazing people who have supported us on this journey. Your continuous support means everything to me, and I'm humbled that you keep coming back. I'm genuinely excited to see what you'll create with the wonderful goodies from Paper Plant Co.

Claire P.
Shop Manager

Hello, I’m Claire! I am a Mexican-American comic artist and illustrator. My journey at Paper Plant Co began shortly after the pandemic. As a recent university graduate affected by the state of the world in 2020, I began to tap into what truly made me happy. I grabbed the closest notebook and pen I had and wrote down a few things: drawing, stickers, pens… the list went on. I noticed a trend– they were all things I loved as a child. Suddenly, I remembered how I would buy scented putty erasers and cute pencils at the Sanrio store, feeling giddy when I would pick up a notebook or sketchbook for the new school year, and saving up my loose change to purchase stickers! I remembered that these creative tools and goods made me incredibly happy. That passion was dormant while I focused on school. 

So, when the world had to pause a few years ago it also gave me time to think:

What can I do to make every day meaningful?
How do I learn to love this precious, little life of mine?
Where can I seek creative inspiration?

I discovered Friedia’s shop on Instagram in 2021 after noticing a post saying they were seeking interns. Since I was living really close by, I stopped by the shop. I think it’s no exaggeration to say it was love at first sight! I noticed this small stationery shop in the heart of Chinatown carried a variety of cute and functional tools that sparked my creativity and brought out my inner child. Now, a few years later, I’m pleased to say it’s been such a wonderful journey. I’ve learned so much, met so many wonderful people, and have constantly seen the beauty in the stationery community. Every day I get the opportunity to appreciate the little things, heal my inner child, and pursue the small details that make this precious life a meaningful one. My wish is that Paper Plant Co can also be that space for you. 

Retail Staff
Venetia G. 

Hello friends of stationery! The enjoyment I see people get from a nice pen at Paper Plant Co reminds me that even in a chaotic world, we can be delighted by small things. As a screenwriter, the blank page on a screen can be very scary for me, but writing in a journal is tactile and grounding - it roots me in the world and carves out a private space in it for my thoughts. Wishing everyone a light and creativity-filled day!

Kate N.

Hello! My name is Kate and I am a second-generation Chinese-American and an identical twin. I have always been obsessed with stationery, but especially now in our increasingly digital world. From being surrounded by calligraphy growing up, to scrapbooking/journaling through my teens, to making sure each gift I give has a card + stickers today, I am a strong believer in the visceral power of these analog tools and how they can bring wonder and softness into life. I hope you can find some of this here at Paper Plant Co!

Illustrations by Claire! (@umeclaire)