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We're thrilled to announce a monthly stamp rally event that will begin in August and end in December. 

Starting August 1st, visit our shop in Chinatown and pick up a Paper Plant Stationery Passport where you can collect a monthly stamp. Each month the stamp design will be different and themed with the season. 😊  To ease any stress of time restrictions, we invite you to visit any day of the month to stamp your passport (excluding upcoming Holidays in November and December as the shop will be closed)! But starting the 1st of the month, a new stamp will be available. Collect all 5 stamps in the passport to win a special stationery goodie bag!

This summer we'll be attending Stationery Fest in Brooklyn, NY! Regaro Papiro will be joining us on this adventure. We'll provide more information as the date gets closer, but we hope to see you there!