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CLiCKBRIGHT Highlighter · Zebra

CLiCKBRIGHT Highlighter · Zebra

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Amazing knock-type highlighter pen! Click Bright" is a knock-type highlighter that has no cap and yet the ink never dries! CLiCKBRIGHT is a knock-type highlighter with no cap and ink that never dries up!

Equipped with a half-line tip, even the smallest of letters stand out beautifully! The clip makes it easy to carry around. The clip makes it easy to carry!

  • 2mm line width
  • Water based dye
  • Simple and minimal design
  • Ink never dries out!
  • Retractable and capless functionality – never worry about losing your cap again!
  • *Recommended storing pens in a cool and dry location away from direct sunlight. Retract after use.
  • 10.4mm×length 147.7mm
  • Made in Japan
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