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Cosmos · OIMU Plant Collecting Bookmark

Cosmos · OIMU Plant Collecting Bookmark

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This is a Plant collecting bookmark that hold pieces of nature.
A bookmark embroidered with 'cosmos' is included in the old-fashioned fabric used as hanbok fabric. After adding two layers of Nobang, OIMU finishes four sides, so you can feel a thin but solid feeling of use.

Plant collecting bookmarks include a configuration that allows you to collect plants yourself. If you remove the paper covered with paraffin, you can add your own collected plants and use them as your own bookmark.

OIMU is a design studio established in 2015, based in Seoul. They believe that design takes on the role of a bridge that connects the value of the past with present. The OIMU projects reinterpret the forgotten cultural value.

  • Size: (W)52×(L)140 mm
  • Material: Nobang (100% polyester)
  • Made in Korea
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