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Hobonichi Cover for A5 Fabric Cover - Kanako Kagaya: Familiar Sights

Hobonichi Cover for A5 Fabric Cover - Kanako Kagaya: Familiar Sights

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This is the decorated version of the Cover on Cover, an optional, extra covering that fits select Hobonichi Techo covers (for A5 size) to protect them from wear and tear while instantly giving solid-color covers a fresh new look. (Not for use directly on book.)

The design for “Familiar Sights” was created by designer and illustrator Kanako Kagaya.

The theme for this design is “wrapping paper for your techo.” Drawn on the cover are many motifs that we often see in our day-to-day activities, from delicious food such as puddings and fried eggs to cute little things like dogs and cats, gloves, keys, steel towers, and traffic lights.

Take a close look, and you might find something you do not usually see daily.

The diagonal lines are printed in silver ink to give a cute yet elegant impression. It shines subtly with the angle change, which would make you happy every time you pick up your techo.

In order to preserve the design of this illustrated Cover on Cover, there is no opening located in the back to access the back pocket of the cover.

Specially designed for the Colors series and printed covers!

The Cover on Cover has been specially measured for use on the Colors and printed covers with butterfly stoppers. Other covers may not fit properly into the Cover on Cover.

[Incompatible covers]
- Leather covers
- Faux leather covers
*May affect the color or quality of the material

About Kanako Kagaya

Illustrator and designer. Born in Akita Prefecture and currently based in Shizuoka Prefecture. After graduating from Musashino Art University, she worked at a design office before becoming a freelance illustrator and designer in 2020. Creates with “straightforward, fun, and warm” in mind. She is passionate about delicious food!

Instagram @kanakokagaya

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