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OIMU Incense Sticks 路 Four Seasons

OIMU Incense Sticks 路 Four Seasons

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OIMU incense is a product that contains all four types of incense: spring, summer, fall, and winter. You can enjoy all the seasonal scents offered by OIMU.

馃尭 Spring [鏄ュ] This incense is a harmonious combination of soft and neat floral scent and the subtle scent of sandalwood, containing the vitality of spring revived under the warm sun.
Summer [澶忓] This incense scent exudes the refreshing scent of grass that seems to have become greener after a cool summer shower and the cozy scent of sandalwood.
馃崄 Autumn [澶忓] It is a harmonious scent of well-ripened chestnuts harvested on an autumn day, the sweetness of jujube, and the deep woody scent of sandalwood.
馃暞 Winter [鍐] This incense scent gently spreads the cold, clear air of winter dawn and the clear scent of sandalwood.

鈥極IMU Incense stick鈥 is produced in cooperation with the traditional incense factory that have been maintaining a natural incense for a long time in Korea.
It helps traditional incense sticks spread again, living culture that has once died out and is now regarded only as a ceremonial use, and gives pleasure of breathing good fragrance.

OIMU is a design studio established in 2015, based in Seoul. They believe that design takes on the role of a bridge that connects the value of the past with present. The OIMU projects reinterpret the forgotten cultural value.

  • Stick size: H140mm x W2.4mm
  • 6 sticks of each scent, 24 total
  • Burning time: ~30min
  • Ingredients: wood flour, root of an elm, cornstarch, pine resin, fragrance oil
  • Made in Korea
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