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Pentel Whitespeed Correction Fluid

Pentel Whitespeed Correction Fluid

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A correction pen that has both the flexibility of correction fluid and the width of correction tape. You can draw curves as you wish, so it can also be used for illustration purposes.

A newly developed pen tip with a new shape allows for corrections over a wide range of approximately 4.5 mm in one stroke. Even those who have problems with correction tape, such as the tape twisting, holes forming, or not cutting properly, can easily use it.

After prototyping over 2,000 types of ink, Pentel created an ultra-fast-drying ink that dries half as fast as conventional products. When it dries, it has a matte texture, so the ink adheres firmly even on the correction surface, allowing you to rewrite with clear handwriting.

How to use:

① Shake well with the cap on to make a clicking sound.

② Place the tip of the pen on the area to be corrected and press the seal part of the container while pressing lightly.

③ While pressing the container, move the pen tip to the area to be corrected.

④ After use, wipe the pen tip and close the cap.

  • Length: 5.6 inches
  • Oil-based
  • Made in Japan
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