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Pink Rail Ribbon Minicone · AVRIL Yarn

Pink Rail Ribbon Minicone · AVRIL Yarn

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This yarn is made by raschel warp knitting machine. It looks just like railway!
It is nice to use material for weaving and knitting but also stationery items.

Suggested Needle and Hook[knitting needle] 1ply : JP size no.14-7 mm (6.3 mm-7.0 mm), [crochet hook]1ply : JP size no.7-9 (4 mm-5.5 mm)

About Avril Yarn:
Discover a world of creative possibilities with Avril, the avant-garde yarn artisan hailing from Kyoto, Japan. Since 1992, Avril has been redefining the art of yarn-making, expertly crafting unique threads with natural and unconventional materials. We invite you to explore the extraordinary collection of Avril's fancy yarns, and let your next craft project be a testament to the limitless creativity spun by expert craftsmen in Kyoto.

  • Length : approx. 100m
  • Please note that the colors you see on the screen may not be accurate as each monitor displays differently.
  • From AVRIL Kyoto
  • Made in Japan
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