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Sailor Hocoro Fude Tip Dip Pen - White

Sailor Hocoro Fude Tip Dip Pen - White

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A fountain pen tip dip pen that allows you to use fountain pen bottle ink more easily and easily. There is no need to wash or replace the ink each time, and you can easily change the color by simply rinsing the pen tip with water, so you can easily enjoy many colors of ink. You can enjoy things you can't do with a fountain pen, such as using the ink that was sleeping, or using it like a paintbrush to mix colors instead of just writing letters.

The resin body reduces the risk of cracking or breaking even if dropped.  The tip of the fine print has a pen point, so it has excellent wear resistance and durability. Since various inks can be used easily, the silhouette of the body is based on the motif of a "vase", based on the image of colorful flowers blooming from the tip of the pen.

These dip pens are also more lightweight and offers a better writing experience when compared to glass pens.

  • Pen tip: Stainless steel, fude (includes feed)
  • Size: Length (nib exposed): 5.3 in (13.4 cm),  Length (nib inverted): 4.7 in (11.9 cm)
  • Brand: Sailor
  • Made in Japan
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