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Small Toga Wood First-aid Box · Classiky

Small Toga Wood First-aid Box · Classiky

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A simple, old-fashioned first-aid kit! There is a tweezers holder on the back of the lid, and the tray can be removed. While classified as a first-aid box, it's lovely for stationery! ;) 
  • Tsuga is an evergreen conifer that belongs to the genus Tsuga of the family Pinaceae. Slightly light and soft, straight grain and dense texture are beautiful.
  • Width 30 x Depth 19.7 x Height 13.5 cm Hemlock wood Urethane coating
  • made in Japan

*For the veneer plywood used for the bottom part of the wooden box product, the material that is thinly attached to the surface may come off slightly when polishing the bottom edge part. Thank you for your understanding.

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