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TOYO Camber Top T-350 Tool Box

TOYO Camber Top T-350 Tool Box

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Established in 1969 Osaka, Japan, Toyo Steel was the first company in the world that successfully developed a deep drawing technology to make a seamless steel toolbox from a single sheet of steel.

Simple, durable, and rugged yet beautiful designed toolboxes with “Made in Japan” quality. Their products were awarded the “Good Design Award” and “Long Life Design Award” and have been loved for more than half a century.

Beyond just an “organizer box”, Toyo Steel’s toolbox has been stored and enfolded in each one of our user’s life stories.

As a toolbox for creatives, the simple design plays with amazing versatility.
Use it for miscellaneous items around the house, first-aid kits, sewing kits, art supplies, shoe maintenance items, gardening kits, outdoor items, etc. Find your own unique way to make use these beautiful toolboxes!

Portable, medium-sized durable tool box. 
  • Formed steel construction with handle
  • Camber-top cover allows more capacity
  • Pressed from a single steel plate and seamless
  • 14.68" x 6.4" x  4.8"
  • Designed in Japan
  • Country of Manufacture: Japan

Smaller tool box from Toyo available here.

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