All The Pop-Ups

All The Pop-Ups

Hello Friends, How have you been? Summer break is right around the corner!

(roof top photo from MADE WITH MAUM event this past month)

In the past month we have moved back into our original space BUT our renovations have not been completed and we are still in our pop-up state of mind. Without getting into too many details, awaiting for the plumber to finish, inspections, permits and then we hope that everything will be done within the next month. There may be a week of us being closed, we will let you know as soon as we know~ 😉

There are OTHER pop-ups of ours that are currently happening! 

Huge Congratulations to the Thank You Coffee team, Thank You Coffee Anaheim opened a couple of weeks ago! This was a long time coming. When I had Paper Please we invited Thank You Coffee to pop-up in our shop. It was supposed to be a 3 month pop-up (that turned into 1.5 years!) When we had met Jonathan he was telling me that he was looking into this space in Anaheim. A month after we opened our shop and Thank You Coffee was all set up to go, Pandemic hit. Their Anaheim shop had also halted. 

Here we are now! May of 2022. Beautiful new space! Only Anaheim drink specials! Food Menu coming soon! Paper Plant Co pop-up in the new space! We brought our best sellers and more to spread our baby wings a little to have a little bit of what we offer in Chinatown over in Anaheim. We do get a good handful of customers that travel from Orange County to us because they claim there is a need for stationery over there. I do hope you swing by to grab a delicious cup of coffee and a little notebook and pen.

 Go visit Thank You Coffee Anaheim :
255 N. Anaheim Blvd Unit D Anaheim, CA 92805

Date not set in stone just yet but our friends from Cafe Dulce will be opening up a market concept in Little Tokyo. It will be called YOBOSEYO SUPERETTE or YBSY. At YBSY we will be popping up with our plants and planters. Inside is beautiful and airy. WIll be showcasing so many small vendors and also a great selection of frozen foods, drinks and snacks. Perfect for the local community! Will keep you posted on opening date.

P.S the logo is the cutest!

In other news, we have a HUGE haul from Japan that we had been waiting on for so long~ Should be in the shop starting Memorial Day Monday. Hope you find something that brings a smile to your face.

 So many things to be excited about!! June, here we come!!

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