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Sailor Hocoro Clear Dip Pen Body

Sailor Hocoro Clear Dip Pen Body

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Fountain pen nib dip pen HOCORO allows you to easily change the color by simply rinsing the nib with water, allowing you to easily use many different colors of ink without the hassle of changing ink.

You can enjoy things that you can't do with a fountain pen, such as trying to use ink that you've been sleeping on for a while, or using it like a paintbrush to mix colors and draw instead of just writing.

Clear transparent shaft and clear black are now available as custom parts for Hocoro. (Clear black is limited edition.) Since it is transparent, you can see the stored pen tip and also check if you have attached the optional reservoir part, which is convenient when you want to use a lot of ink.

  • Does not include hocoro dip pen nibs! Must be purchased separately.
  • Size: length 10.7 x 113.7mm
  • Material: PC resin
  • Brand: Sailor
  • Made in Japan
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