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Alphabet shun shun Masking Tape · Classiky

Alphabet shun shun Masking Tape · Classiky

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  • shun shun Masking Tape 1 piece pack
  • Width 1.8cm x 7m roll Washi
  • made in Japan

About the artist Shun Shun:
1978 Born in Kochi prefecture. He grew up in Tokyo. In addition to working on book covers, advertisements, illustrations for magazines, etc., he has a wide range of creative activities, such as working as a custom-made painter who draws pictures on the spot, and holding exhibitions all over the country.

From the artist, Shun Shun: "I just want to draw the element, like tracing a landscape." Mr. Shun-shun calls himself a draftsman. If you look up sketching in a dictionary, it says, "Art production technique or work of art that draws the shape of an object, light and shade, etc. on a plane. Dessin in French, drawing in English." If sketching and drawing are to faithfully draw the subject, I feel that Shun Shun's paintings, which depict the atmosphere of the place with a single line of a ballpoint pen, are closer to illustration. did. It's outside my field of expertise, and I don't understand the original meaning of each word as an art term, but the role of illustration is to illustrate the information contained in the subject matter and to convey it in an easy-to-understand manner. I don't think it will happen. However, the sympathy that people who see Shun Shun's paintings involuntarily feel is not based on the illustrated information, but rather the subjective space that the artist himself could have seen at that time. Isn't it what appears in front of you? In other words, the painting does not exist as a medium, but as a projection of the artist's emotions. As he describes his own work as "straightforward, simple, and quick," he holds up a pen and paper and draws on the spot. I think that drawing a picture is appropriate to call it a "drawing"


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