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ten to sen Letterpress Card Set · Set of 20 / Classiky

ten to sen Letterpress Card Set · Set of 20 / Classiky

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  • 20 piece letterpress card set - does not come with envelopes; perfect for gift labeling or a small message
  • Printed on thick cushion paper using an old-fashioned letterpress printing machine. When you touch it with your fingertips, you can feel the slight unevenness that makes you happy!
  • 10.3×7.7cm
  • made in Japan

About the artist, Rieko Oka:
Born in Hokkaido in 1981.
In 2003 she graduated from Hokkaido Tokai University Faculty of Design. She studies William Morris's "Willow Branches", after which she creates her original "Wallpaper Patterns for Northern Living".
In 2008, she started the activities of "Dot and Line Pattern Factory". Based in Sapporo, Hokkaido, she presents textiles based on the scenes in her own life at solo exhibitions and craft exhibitions in various places.
2014 Opened a physical store in Sapporo.
In 2017, she published a revised book of her book "ten to sen no mozukuri".

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