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TN Passport Refill / 017 Sticker Release Paper

TN Passport Refill / 017 Sticker Release Paper

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Sticker Release Paper Refill (Passport Size) is crafted from the smooth backing paper that is left after removing a sticker. With this insert in your TRAVELER'S notebook, you can attach stickers or masking tape and have the ability to easily remove it at any time. If you own a large collection of stickers, or you collect stickers during your travels, this is a great way to keep your favorites safely organized in your TRAVELER'S notebook.

  • For Passport Size Traveler's Notebook
  • Blank, 32 pages, Release Paper (Saddle Stitched)
  • H4.8" x W3.5 x D.1"
  • Country of Origin: JAPAN
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