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Tsuyoko Nico Handcrafted Glass Cup Set · ADERIA

Tsuyoko Nico Handcrafted Glass Cup Set · ADERIA

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An adorable handmade Tsuyoiko ADERIA glass cup designed with an easy grip body and shatterproof glass. Just using it will bring a smile to your face. Great for children or adults! It fits in the palm if your hand comfortably. Perfect for cold coffee, tea, beer, or dessert!

about Aderia:

Ishizuka Glass Co Ltd, founded in 1819 in Gifu, is headquartered in Aichi, Japan. Ishizuka manufactures glass bottles and tableware under the brand name "Aderia".

By combining traditional craftsmanship and modern glass making methods, Aderia developed their first mass glass bottles in 1961. Since then, Aderia has expanded into a myriad of glassware collections including dinnerware, drinkware, sakeware, and cookware along with over 100 hues of their original glass colors. Today, Adeirahas established themselves as a #1 glass manufacturer in Japan whose products are cherished by people all over the globe for its ever-evolving design and uncompromising quality.

  • Capacity: approx. 4 oz
  • Small: D 6cm x H 7.5cm, 130mL, Medium 185mL
  • Tsuyoiko glass is stronger than normal glass due to reinforced processing
  • Not recommended to use with boiling hot drinks due to the nature of the glass
  • Made in Japan
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