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Punilabo - Bear Pencil Case

Punilabo - Bear Pencil Case

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PuniLabo Stand Up Pen Cases are the perfect companions for any stationery lover. Each animal pen case can be zipped closed for easy transportation, and transformed into a pen cup to hold your favorite pens and pencil upright on a desk when you’re ready to use them. Simply place your writing supplies in the body, your eraser in the elastic on the top, and zip closed. This silicone pencil case can hold up to 15 pens/pencils. Includes a fun elastic band inside the head to hold your eraser. 

When you want to use the contents, open the case, press the bottom down on a desk,
and watch the case transform into a cup that pushes your writing supplies upward to make them easy to see and use.

PuniLabo is a hit stationery brand from Japan known for its line of adorable, animal inspired products that are designed for adults but delight children as well! All products are designed with easy-to-clean silicone, high quality craftsmanship, and packaged individually for eye-catching presentation in your store. With a variety of cute animal styles to choose from, you can easily find the perfect silicone pencil cup, zipper pouch, or pen pouch to fit the needs of your diverse customers.

  • Size: 6 3/4" x 2 3/8", 7 3/4" (extended bottom)
  • Zip closure
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