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Black Milk Project

Birds Series II - Wreath Rubber Stamp · Black Milk Project

Birds Series II - Wreath Rubber Stamp · Black Milk Project

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The Bird Series II Collection: 

Let us take you into the world of whimsical wings. Soar through your thoughts with our enchanting bird-themed stationery collection, allowing your words to take flight on pages adorned with the grace and beauty of feathered friends and bringing a touch of nature's poetry to your every note.

The stamps are made of industrial high grade red rubber with the finest details. It is mounted by hand on re-purposed aged wood or on raw wood bark, hand-picked from various sources from old furnitures to jungle excursions! As all stamps are assembled, cut, sanded by hand, size and shape may vary slightly. Wood material will differ depending on what the forest elves bring!

Stamps might be slightly stained because of quality tests during the process, but it will not affect your stamping color. 

Founded by wei tieng in 2013, black milk project is her creative playground where all imaginative friends come alive and rainbow unicorns fly!

  • Size: 4cm x 4.5cm
  • Designed by Black Milk Project
  • Made in Malaysia
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