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Regaro Papiro

Fig Letter Set · any.paper by Regaro Papiro

Fig Letter Set · any.paper by Regaro Papiro

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REGARO PAPIRO original design.

Sending words is also a form of gift. Why not send a letter with your feelings written on a brightly colored envelope and stationery that looks like it's wrapped in any.paper by Regaro Papiro wrapping paper?

This is a stylish and tasteful letter set with the popular "fig" pattern on the envelope and white base on the stationery. The letter set is sure to make even the writer's heart skip a beat. The envelopes are made of elegant diamond-shaped envelopes and are easy to seal as they come with glue. 

  • 8 sheets of A5 stationery
  • 4 sheets of Western 3 envelopes (diamond pasted/glued)
  • *The color you see on your screen may differ from the actual color, so please be aware that there may be slight differences.
  • Made in Japan
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