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Regaro Papiro

Hagire Chiyogami Paper Set · Regaro Papiro

Hagire Chiyogami Paper Set · Regaro Papiro

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REGARO PAPIRO original design paper. 

Beautiful random assorted papers, used for a variety of arts and crafts such as: collage, bookbinding, origami, jewelry, design, home decor and more. Each order is different! Enjoy the pleasure of having a little surprise with each order.

The paper is cut in 9cm×9cm, like Japanese "Chiyogami". It is packed 7 kinds of paper designs randomly. You cannot appoint the design since it is random!

  • US size 3.54inch ×3.54inch per paper
  • 7 patterns x 3 pieces per pack
  • Total 21pcs of paper per pack
  • *The color you see on your screen may differ from the actual color, so please be aware that there may be slight differences.
  • Not to be used with food
  • Made in Japan
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