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Forest Letterpress Coaster · Classiky

Forest Letterpress Coaster · Classiky

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Because it is thick and soft cushion paper, the dents caused by the printing pressure of letterpress printing are clearly visible.
  • Set of 5
  • Approximately 8.7cm in diameter 
  • Letterpress printing
  • made in Japan

Rieko Oka of Rieko Oka's Northern Pattern Book``Dot and Line Design Seisakusho'' is based in Hokkaido and creates patterns using natural landscapes and familiar plants as themes. As she faces the overwhelming expressions of the four seasons in the north, she accumulates her original drawings, which she says she "organizes one by one" and puts them together into patterns. In order not to lose sight of the emotions she finds around her, she replaces ``her scenes'' with ``patterns.''

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