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Night Cherry Blossoms Air Inn Mt. Fuji Eraser · PLUS

Night Cherry Blossoms Air Inn Mt. Fuji Eraser · PLUS

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The hit eraser now comes in a limited edition color with the theme of fantastic night cherry blossoms. Watch the iconic Mt. Fuji come to life as you erase!

The pale purple resin is inspired by a slightly bright spring night, and is a new color original to this project, "Purple Fuji." The case is available in a total of 6 patterns with gorgeous cherry blossom motifs. The dull glow of silver ink colors the lovely yet fantastical image of cherry blossoms at night. The upper part of the case is curved to disperse the force when erasing, making the eraser body less likely to break. 

If you erase it in a well-balanced manner in the left-right and front-back directions, the main body will become mountain-shaped and Mt. Fuji will appear.

It is an eraser with a new idea that makes the act of erasing fun because it takes on a different expression each time you erase it.

The case is based on Japanese style and uses foil stamping. We have prepared 6 types of patterns including checkered pattern and cloisonné.

Like the "Air-in" series, the resin contains porous ceramic powder, so it has an excellent eraser feel.


  • 2.5 cm x 4.5 cm x 1.4 cm
  • Limited quantity! Not available for restock.
  • Body = PVC, case = recycled paper pulp content of 60% or more
  • Air Inn Mt. Fuji Eraser
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